Welcome to Curves of North Salt Lake, Utah . . . and let us introduce you to Curves Complete

Now you can get the complete solution to weight loss. Only Curves Complete combines the right exercise with the right meal plan and one-on-one coaching to maximize fat loss and rev-up your metabolism. And as always, you get the support and encouragement of the Curves community to help you reach your goals.

Lose up to 20 inches and 20 pounds in 90 days. You'll get everything you need to achieve your weight loss goals including:

  • Weekly 1-on-1 coaching sessions with a certified Curves Coach.
  • A fat-burning workout at Curves with the right exercise - cardio and strength-training.
  • Personalized diet plans and shopping lists. You'll learn how to get the convenience and portion control of those expensive mail-order diet food programs, but at a fraction of the cost - at your own grocery store.
  • Daily instructional videos from a panel of experts to help you make healthy choices and keep the weight off.

Give us a call to learn more.

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